Folding Portable Bathtub

Folding Portable Bathtub


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It’s nice to relax your body on a bathtub with warm water and calming oil after a long day at work. However, not everyone has the luxury of building their own bathtub at home. It is because it is quite expensive to build one. So, not a lot of people can afford it. But, worry no more because this collapsible bathtub is a foldable bathtub that’s easy to set-up and won’t cost you much! Now, you can finally relax and enjoy your own bathtub in the comfort of your own bathroom. This one is an adult-size bathtub that’s about 55″ long. It is 20″ deep, just the right height to submerge your body in. This tub has sturdy stands that prevent it from tripping over. It also has a headrest and two handrails for the user’s comfort.


This bathtub is one that you can easily set up and stow away. It has a solid base that will not sway while in use. This tub is durable and can bear a maximum weight of 485lb. What’s great about this tub is that you do not need to renovate your bathroom to install it. It’s ready to use and you can just set it up in a minute! After using, you can dispose of the used water, fold the tub, and store it using minimal space. You can store it in a vertical or horizontal position, it’s up to you. This tub also has a cover; in case you want to use the cover as a table for your food, drinks, book, or laptop, you can do so.

How to Set Up

This tub is very easy to set up. First, open the legs and make sure it clicks (that’s how you know it’s locked). Once the legs are out, pull the body of the tub to expand it. To fold it, start by folding the body by pushing the tub down from the back.