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Where to Buy Cheap Bathroom Accessories?

The bathroom is an intrinsic part of your home. No home is without one. Now, whether it’s a new bathroom for a new house under construction, or an existing one undergoing repairs or one to which additions are being made, one thing is certain. You are going to need accessories to do the job. Which brings up the question, where does one go and buy these bathroom accessories? Which shop or supplier, which business offers good quality accessories at competitive prices. A supplier who observes proper business ethics, does not saddle you with substandard materials and charges you a true and fair price. A supplier who stocks everything from the smallest washer to the largest bathtub you can imagine.

Doubtless, there are many such dealers around town. Amongst these is one of the best suppliers  in town going by the rather fitting name Pretty Bathroom.

What Does Pretty Bathroom Offer?

Many people, when they hear the word cheap, as in cheap price,the word ‘poor quality’ automatically pops into their minds. That’s understable. However at Pretty Bathroom outlets, ‘cheap price’ is not synonymous with ‘cheap quality’. A relatively new comer in the bathroom accessory supply business, it is nevertheless run by seasonal veterans who have many combined years of practice in the business.

The accessories offered include  those for the shower, the bathroom sink, walls, floors, bathtubs and many more. There is no simple way to classify bathroom accessories, but one unambiguous way is to group them into two; those that are freestanding and portable and those that are non-portable.  Our outlets offer all kinds of accessories such as different types of mirrors, soap dispensers, toilet cleaning brushes and holders and many more. As stated before, low prices offered are not indicative of inferior quality, but rather are proof of our belief in fair business practice and a real and genuine regard for our customers. Our aim is to grab a large chunk of the market, the smart way of course. We are looking for profits yes, but not from large mark-ups. We aim for minimal mark-ups and large volumes. Quality is always guaranteed.

The other accessories that we have on offer are the fixed ones. These include the ones  which installation may be required. A major difference between free-standing and fixed accessories is that the latter last longer as they remain in place and are therefore subjected to less handling. 

Various Designs and Styles

Our bathroom accessories come in many different sizes and styles. The form they take is influenced in part by the material used in their manufacturing; whether wood was used or glass, ceramic or resin. The range of styles on offer can be classified into three broad classes. For each class certain materials usually dominate. 

  • Modern or contemporary style – the dominant materials for the accessories are glass, resin, plastic or stainless steel. The designs are thus of a simple and streamlined form. 
  • Classic style – the major materials used are wood, stone and ceramic.
  • Vintage and Romantic style – the predominant materials are glass, porcelain iron and enamelled steel.

Pretty Bathroom has in its outlets bathroom accessories available as individual units and also as sets. It is up to the customer to choose. The following common bathroom accessories are available in sets; soap dishes, cup holders, toothbrush holders and liquid soap dispensers.

On offer are a varied and complete range of shower accessories. Amongst these are shower curtains made from waterproof polyester and polyethylene. There is a wide choice of plain styles and patterned styles. All accessories are competitively priced. Comfortable and soft bathtubs and shower mates are available in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. These non-slip accessories are made of rubber and PVC. There are plain types but for those customers with a preference for the fancy touch, there is a range available fitted with suction cups.

Now let’s take a more detailed look at some of the competitively priced bathroom accessories in our showrooms. 

  • Our toothbrush holders come in many forms; for example the fixed ones and the movable ones that can be placed on flat surfaces. They come in different styles, colours and sizes. 
  • There are tumbler holders used for drinking glasses and tumblers in the bathroom. These holders can also be used for toothbrushes, cotton balls and cosmetics.
  • No bathroom is complete without mirrors. There is a wide range with varying sizes, models and shapes. There is a mirror to suit every taste and it is worth pointing out here that most mirrors are designed and made in such a way that they are easily fitted above the wash basin. 
  • Pretty Bathroom has a full range of toilet brushes for cleaning your toilet. These brushes come with the brush holder which is designed to hold the brushes. The holder can be movable in which case it is placed on the floor or it can be mounted on the bathroom walls.
  • Glass shelves are an indispensable part of any well designed bathroom. They come in various designs and sizes and have multiple functions. Shampoo containers and cosmetic bottles are placed in these glass shelves which are fixed on the walls. In addition to these functions glass shelves help to give the bathroom a beautiful finish.  
  • Most modern bathrooms have a soap dispenser for dispensing liquid soap and which prevent it from getting contaminated. Most types are available including those which are mounted on walls and those that are built into the basin. 
  • No bathroom is complete without towel rails and accompanying hooks. They are found in various designs and types, from single rail ones to those with multiple rails. For those who live in the colder regions, there is also a choice of heated towel rails.
  • In stock are highly refined soap dishes to match any bathroom design and colour. Made of ceramic and glass, this accessory is an absolute must for any bathroom. 
  • Toilet paper holders come with a lid and are so designed to be conveniently fixed near the toilet seat so as to be within easy reach.

These are some of the bathroom accessories available at Pretty Bathroom. For full descriptions, price lists and catalogues you can visit our website today.

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